About Repair Fairy   

Repair Fairy was created by Mr. Ivan Chan since 2015. The team includes both volunteers with renovating background and volunteers without renovating background, together with Ivan Chan they help repair homes for people in needs.

Our targets are mostly people who are live-alone elderlies, disable person and low-income families. Our organization desire not to just repairing homes but also to promote brining the community closer together.

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Our Services   

Repair Fairy focus on home repairing projects to maintain a hazard free environment and make home improvements for people in needs. We get our hands on almost anything that could give instant relieve to people's homes such as fixing water pipes, repair ceiling falling cement, minor electrical problems, fixing home appliances, wall painting, and even small things like changing light bulbs and drilling curtain rails.

With so many unfortunate people in today's world, we are just doing the least from mere repairing their homes, as if repairing the lost faith from our society, hoping to see a glimpse of hope and a smile on their faces which already lighten the hearts of our volunteers. We do not just give out helping hands, satisfaction is reciprocate to both parties.

Our Classes   

Every month our instructors will held classes to teach the use of the repairing tools, precautions and basic renovating knowledge. We also would like to inspire people to help each other for home repairing in their neighborhood.

After taking the classes students can get practical with their skills with our volunteering projects.All the tuitions will be contributed for volunteer purposes, that is purchasing renovating materials, tools and transportation fees.

Application Information


HK$880(Old joiner:HK$780)

Class Size:

20 students per class

Payment Method:

Please transfer the fee into the following account: Bank of China 012-363101-65336 (Repair Fariry 家居維修義工協會)Please kindly settle the payment and whatsapp bank-in slip to 6899-6301, in order to confirm your place.

Our Volunteer   

To utilize our resources and making sure we help the most needed, we form a home visiting team to visit homes and ask questions that could help us pick out the most imminent cases to attend.

After the screening we call out for the volunteers and organize a team to repair as many homes as possible during the weekend at least once a month.


We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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